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My name is Lynn Hinds.  I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University.  I teach Life Skills students in vocational and classroom settings.  My students learn job skills on job sites in the community.  I also provide instruction to students that are employed and earn credits through employment.  I love my job and enjoy seeing the students thrive in different settings. 

I do transition planning for students in Special Education.  Vocational assessments are done and students' interests and skills are matched with possible career choices.  From there, students' graduation plans are written and we work toward a goal of postsecondary education or jobs that match their interests and abilities.

I am also the Rodeo Club sponsor.  I facilitate students that are interested in high school rodeo competitions and provide a place for the kids to gather and enjoy others with similar interests.

My email address is lhinds@wallerisd.net and I will be happy to address any concerns or questions you may have.
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